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Free Game Friday: “Which” (PC) 2011

I would like to narrate to you my basic experience upon playing “Which”. *Ahem* “La la la, shit, it’s first person…la la, wandering around a creepy house…cool lighting effects!  Ooh, writing on the walls, neat.  A key!  Okay let’s...
Here Be Dragons | 26 April 2013 | 1 Comment   

Grimm: Face Off – TV Review

  It’s about to be Fight Night in Portland!   Monroe has to convince Nick not to run off “half, full, or any other degree of cocked.” Tip of the day: when a Blutbad is telling you to calm...
Juliette B Edwards | 26 April 2013 | No Comments   

“Don’t Starve” is Out of Beta and Releasing on Time

Here Be Dragons | 24 April 2013 | 1 Comment   

Grimm: Season of the Hexenbiest – TV Review

When we last left the folks of Grimm, Monroe had just walked in on Renard and Juliette kissing. His rather succinct “oh boy” is followed by Juliette running from the shop, and Renard following her. Juliette knows she’s busted,...
Juliette B Edwards | 23 April 2013 | No Comments   

Doctor Who: Three Episode Catch Up – TV Review

I am three episodes behind in reviewing Doctor Who, and this is for a very good reason. I don’t care anymore. When Matt Smith first became the Doctor, I had trouble getting into the series. I missed a bunch...
Juliette B Edwards | 22 April 2013 | No Comments   

Game of Thrones: Dark Wings, Dark Words & Walk of Punishment – TV Review

    With all the detail and characters squeezed into each episode, this is the last show I should fall behind in the reviewing of. With that in mind, and in order to catch up quickly, I’m going for...
Juliette B Edwards | 20 April 2013 | No Comments   

Free Game Friday: “Gretel and Hansel 1 & 2″ (2009) Browser

It’s a classic story.  During a time of famine, a woodcutter is forced by his cold-hearted wife to abandon their two children in the woods.  Despite their efforts to leave a trail to help point the way home, the...
Here Be Dragons | 20 April 2013 | 3 Comments   

The Walking Dead: Welcome to the Tombs – TV Review

Ok, first things first; I’m aware that this review is very late. If anyone’s getting close on that time travel/pausing machine, let me know and I will bribe you with modest amounts of money to have one.   The...
Juliette B Edwards | 16 April 2013 | No Comments   

Evil Dead (2013) – Movie Review

  SPOILER WARNING AHEAD I’m not the biggest fan of remaking movies but I totally get the business behind it, which is why I was at first skeptical when I heard 1981’s cult classic Evil Dead was getting a...
Spider_Inferno | 16 April 2013 | No Comments   

Free Game Friday: “The Crooked Man” (2013) PC

Oh, how I love a good haunted house game.  Few things make me happier than a really spooky haunted house game with a solid story behind it, and “The Crooked Man” is a grand example of one such game,...
Here Be Dragons | 13 April 2013 | 2 Comments