Justin Bieber Owns a Batmobile



It sickens me to say this, but Justin Bieber owns a Batmobile.

No, really, he does.

And I’m not talking about a toy either – though that could be an easy mistake to make. I mean sure he’s just out of nappies (is he actually old enough to drive?), but Biebs has more money than God so of course he’s gonna get himself a cool ride. I never much pegged him for a comic-book fan (I didn’t even think he could read, but then there are lots of pretty pictures), but I haven’t really put that much thought into anything Bieber related like… um… ever, so this is as much news to me as it is to you.

Anyway, the twerp the pop sensation is the proud owner of a Cadillac CTS-V that has had some pretty nifty custom work done to it by none other than Ryan Friedlinghaus, founder of West Coast Customs, who many of you will recognize from MTV’s Pimp My Ride, back when MTV was cool and relevant and actually had time to play music videos.

The car comes in matte black with with Bat-logos replacing the Cadillac logos on the front and back, with the word ‘Batmobile’ emblazoned on the trunk. I think that last touch was a request by Biebs, just in case he couldn’t find his car in the Toys R Us car-park. Or something.

Relish the photos and try not to get too depressed by the the fact that a seventeen-year-old talentless pop star owns a cooler car than you will ever own.