Play-Time With ‘Zombie Bite Me’: Looking Ahead

Shantel Knight | 27 September 2013 | 0 Comments   


As the con season comes to a close for me, I’m still hard at work making new costumes for the next year. An even bigger year. 2014. Where I have already started making plans for new appearances. I have a long list of costumes I plan to do and I like you guys so-much I will tell you 2 of the costumes. (;

  1.  Batgirl – Yvonne Craig x the new 52 version mash-up in all latex IF I CAN MAKE THE FUNDS by selling prints!
  2.  my own version of a pin up Poison Ivy x Uma Thurman poison Ivy. Donʼt hate me but it was the very first bat man I ever watched and with that nostalgic feel it will always be my favourite.

 Once again yes being a Cosplayer is a hella expensive hobby. So that is why I try to sell my prints constantly. All help is very appreciated!!

Another thing planned while there are no cons are all the photo shoots. I recently wrapped up my Fem Deadpool cosplay photo shoot and I have a few more left to do like my Annie from League of Legends and my Fem Booker from Bioshock Infinite. I love doing the photo shoots because of the art that goes into every detail. Sure most people hate photoshop but how can you really be that character in their surroundings with out a huge amount of money to make the set. And I always love your guyʼs reactions to the images.

Chat at you guys soon I’m off to do more costume planning. (:

xo Zombie.