“Bad news, Everyone.” “Futurama” Officially Cancelled for the Second Time

Here Be Dragons | 22 April 2013 | 0 Comments   

Sorry, folks, but it’s true.  Comedy Central has officially announced that the sci-fi comedy’s seventh season will be its last, as revealed today by Entertainment Weekly.  Fans will remember that “Futurama” was cancelled prematurely after its fourth season, but a surge in its popularity following the release of several straight-to-DVD movies caused Comedy Central to buy several new seasons of the cartoon.

Co-creator David X. Cohen told Entertainment Weekly: “I felt like we were already in the bonus round on these last couple of seasons, so I can’t say I was devastated by the news.  It was what I had expected two years earlier. At this point I keep a suitcase by my office door so I can be cancelled at a moment’s notice.”

In addition, Executive Vice President of Comedy Central David Bernath said, “That’s a helluva run that few shows achieve, and especially given the fact that it came back to life, it’s really an amazing story. I’m more thankful and feel a sense of gratitude toward the whole process — and that we found a way to keep going for 52 more episodes — than I really am even thinking about the ending. It’s a blessing that it came back and lasted so long.”

There are already talks about continuing the series via comic books, movies, or even a second revival on yet another network, but personally, I think this is a good end to the series.  Seven seasons is a highly respectable number, and and I would much rather see a series end while it’s still going strong than watch it jump the shark and peter to an unsatisfactory conclusion (“Babylon 5″, I’m looking at you).  And I have high hopes that the series finale will be a powerful one, given that this is a series that made all of us cry far more than any cartoon has a right to.


Goodbye, “Futurama”.  I’m glad you’re ending strong.  Thanks for all the laughs…and yes, thanks for the tears too.

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