Arctic Blast (2010) – Movie Review

Juliette B Edwards | 13 March 2013 | 0 Comments   


Michael Shanks saves the world, starting with Australia, in this ridiculous but awesome disaster movie. Now, I don’t mean it’s awesome in the sense that it’s a good film overall. I mean awesome in the realm of made-for-TV sci-fi disaster movies. I will also freely admit that Michael Shanks’ presence is a big part of that.

Shanks plays Jack (yeah, I know) – a meteorologist who discovers that the solar eclipse has caused a cooling in the mesosphere, which in turn caused air from the ‘sphere –a balmy -100F- to leak in through the hole in the ozone layer. It then proceeds to chase the inhabitants of Australia and freeze them to death in a matter of seconds.


Yes, the premise is laughable, but no more so than Jurassic crocodiles or even the plot of 2012. The acting is as you’d expect it to be in this film, with Michael Shanks being the obvious stand out, and even he looks like he’s thinking ‘why did I agree to this?’ in places. There isn’t too much SFX, so it doesn’t fall into the trap of effects that look cartoonish. Jack’s daughter is particularly irritating, mostly because all she does is complain and accuse Jack of not loving his family. It’s a fair enough point when he forgets her birthday, but when the world is literally ending there are more important things to worry about.

Arctic Blast has all the usual disaster movie staples: a reluctant scientist hero who just wants to protect this family, higher ups that don’t listen to the guy who actually knows what he’s doing, the extent of the disaster being shown by Japan and the UK getting killed before the Americans fix everything. I don’t want to ruin the big solution for you, but let’s just say there’s lightning involved and someone tried to blow up the mesosphere.

If you’re looking for a fun film to share with friends, track down Arctic Blast. Check your scientific knowledge at the door, pour yourself a nice glass of something alcoholic (you will need it) and enjoy!

Since this is a made for Sci-Fi kind of film, it needs two ratings – as we said with Piranhaconda

So, as a B-Movie it gets:

4.5/5 Raging Nerds

Buuut, as an overall film it gets:

2.5/5 Raging Nerds