A Good Day To Die Hard – Movie Review

Juliette B Edwards | 11 March 2013 | 0 Comments   



The latest instalment of Bruce Willis blowing shit up came to us on Valentine’s day, which is a great way to figure out if your Valentine is The One. Unfortunately, this Die Hard might cause a rift between you and your loved one.

The story goes thusly: John McClane gets word that his son has been arrested in Russia, so he goes to save the day. What he doesn’t know is that Jack is actually CIA and he got arrested on purpose so he could protect a political prisoner. The McClane boys then spend the next hour or so bickering and shooting bad guys. It’s a fair enough film and there’s more than enough explosions and sarcasm to keep Die Hard fans happy.


There is, however, a small problem I’m facing in this review. A Good Day To Die Hard is a better action film than it is a Die Hard film, which is unfortunate considering it is the first film to be written purely as a Die Hard sequel. Jai Courtney makes a pretty ok McClane Junior, and I find it both hilarious and awesome that while he’s wheezing his way through getting stabbed, shot at and blown up, Bruce Willis just strolls on through like it’s just any other Tuesday; which I suppose it is for him.

The extended car chase in the beginning would have been boring were it not for McClane’s commentary. As my cinema partner pointed out, it’s best not to stop to consider the innocent casualties caused by all the pile-ups. I think they missed a chance to have Al show up at the very start with the file, and the fact that Aldis Hodge is working with Jack at the CIA totally messes up my plans for Die Hard 6


The bad guy is pretty stock, and although there is a twist, you’re likely to see it coming a mile away. Cutting it to a 12A rating was most definitely a mistake. There’s still plenty of violence going on, so I don’t know exactly what was cut besides some blood spatter, a little nekkidness from the female lead, and a few extra ‘fuck’s – I do know they cut out the single most important part of a Die Hard movie. They didn’t let John finish his signature line. Bad movie studio, Bad!

Overall I would rank this film around 3rd or 4th in the franchise. It wasn’t brilliant but it was fun. Switch off your brain for a few hours –especially during the whole Chernobyl section- and you’ll enjoy it. Bruce Willis causing carnage is always a recipe for a good time. If nothing else, it’ll make you want to go back and watch the whole series again.


Rating: As An Action Movie

4/5 Raging Nerds



Rating: As A ‘Die Hard’ Movie

3/5 Raging Nerds