Peter Dinklage Announced as a Central Role in Days of Future Past

Kier Sparey | 02 March 2013 | 0 Comments   


Peter Dinklage, one of the stars of HBO’s Game of Thrones, has recently been announced by director Bryan Singer to become a main role in his rendition of [SQUEE] Days of Future Past.

Days of Future Past – for those of you somewhat hiding under a rock or are too young to even know what a rock would be if you hadn’t just googled it and not found Elvis’ pelvis (or are just too focused on Hollywoodland’s X-Men movies to know what a comic is) – is a very popular story arc based on the X-Men comics with an alternate future timeline (I bet the title just fucked your mind. Just wait a moment) in which most mutants are interred into concentration camps and (there you go. You just went straight to Magneto, didn’t you? Tut tut) after the public’s fear of the mutant takes its toll after the Brotherhood are successful in one of their dastardly despicable schemy plotlike schemes. No spoilers! :D

It takes place in the present (I did tell you to wait. Happy now?) after a particular character comes back to the past (our present) in order to stop the future from happening. You know. The usual time travelling stories that could injure the mind of all but Terminator, Stargate, Marvel, Back to the Future, and Doctor Who fans from attempting to explain how time works with all its trouserlike appendages and loopholes and theorems. Long story short: time branches is the excuse used. Acceptable theory. :3

Back to Mr. Dinklage.

Honestly, I can’t think of a single suitable character in which he could play from X-Men. Certainly MODOK comes to mind, but he’s not part of the story. There are hints that he’ll be mostly CGI, which leads me to think MODOK, with his frost giant-like head being the major CG input, but then the… what is it? A chair? The chair would probably be CG too, so all of him would need to be that. Obviously I could be off the marker, because I could just be playing on Dinklage’s stature – that’s not something I’d like to play on too much though. Not without having a fanboy moment of his role in Game of Thrones at the very least.

It’s entirely possibly that he could become the face of the Sentinels, which our friends at suggest, which would be awesome. I’ve got to admit, Steve’s idea of Dinklage’s role as an agent – or a HAND! – would be excellent for his level of charisma…

…Just give him an axe and he’ll be unstoppable.