The Walking Dead: Home – TV Review

Juliette B Edwards | 24 February 2013 | 0 Comments   

The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Goddammit Governor! You have to stop killing people just as I start learning their names and caring about them!

Following on from Rick’s little mental break last episode, he’s off wandering in the woods, looking for ghosts. Instead of dragging his crazy arse back to the prison and locking him in a cell until he comes to his senses, the group just lets him wander off to sort himself out. Glenn assumes the role of leader, but his anger at the Governor and inability to read Maggie’s emotions work against him, and he doesn’t listen to Hershel’s words of wisdom. Tyrese and his gang have been kicked out, just when the group could really have used an extra set of hands. Everyone is sure the Governor will be retaliating soon. Hershel suggests running, but Glenn points out that with him missing a leg and Little Asskicker to take care of, life on the road won’t be very pleasant. He suggests they go back to Woodbury and kill the Governor in a sneak attack. Michonne agrees, but nobody else does so they drop that idea.

Daryl and Merle are out in the woods, and tensions are still running high between the brothers. Merle accuses Daryl of going soft in the company of Rick and the group, while Daryl basically tells Merle he’s a dick. They come across a family in trouble, and the sound of a crying baby spurs Daryl into action. He protects them from Walkers, and then he protects them from Merle. This causes a huge fight between the Dixons, in which Merle claims Daryl abandoned him and Daryl inadvertently reveals scars –both physical and emotional- that show Merle was the one who left, long before the zombie apocalypse. Daryl finally stands up to Merle in a way he never has before… at least not to the real, corporeal one. He declares he’s going back to the prison, and if Merle doesn’t like it he can stay in the woods alone. Merle does pretty much the only smart thing we’ve ever seen him do, and follows little brother’s lead.


In Woodbury, the Governor wants to hand over the reigns to Andrea, who doesn’t seem to know what she wants. Carol spoke in the last episode about the nature of abusive relationships, and we get a little bit of that here – the Governor seems sorry and as if he genuinely needs Andrea. He promises not to do anything in retaliation for the attack from the prison. Andrea still seems sceptical, but she brushes off the whole ‘captured my friends’ thing far too easily, and for a second time. The Governor also goes to his pet scientist and sort-of new second in command. He gives the guy much the same speech – I need you, I depend on you, I hope I can trust you. The doctor also falls for it, and agrees to keep tabs on Andrea for the Governor. Unfortunately, he’s a godawful liar, and when Andrea later asks him where the Governor has disappeared to, he’s so shifty it’s almost comical.

The Governor is actually doing the thing he said he wouldn’t do. He attacks the prison. Glenn is off checking the perimeter, Rick is still in crazy town (Glen’s words, not mine) and Daryl is still AWOL with his brother. There’s nobody to protect the place. Poor Axel, who was just starting to develop both a personality and a relationship with Carol, gets shot in the head. At least his body gets to shield Carol from getting blown to bits. The remaining group try to defend against the gunmen, but that’s the least of their worries. A truck full of Walkers is driven through the gates and straight into the compound, creating chaos. It seems getting shot at was all Rick needed to get his marbles back, but it may be too late as he gets stuck outside the fence; surrounded by Walkers and out of ammo. It’s a good thing Daryl and Merle choose that time to show up. Could’ve used them about ten minutes earlier, but it’s better late than never.

There were a lot of slower parts to this episode. The strained relationships between Daryl and Merle, and Glenn and Maggie are compelling, but the level of idiocy Andrea shows is starting to grate. The ‘next week’ preview looks like that might to be about to change. I hope so. She was such a promising character to start with. It’s a shame Axel had to die. I can see why; they wouldn’t have gotten away with killing a major character at this point in the season, but the chemistry between Carol and Axel was sweet. I suppose now Daryl’s back, they’ll get to have a little drama of their own. I don’t care how pretty he is, someone needs to smack Daryl for leaving them like that. The last quarter of the episode really redeemed it. Hope we can get back on point in the next episode.


Rating: 3.5/5 Raging Nerds