Bruce Willis (Kind Of) Confirms Die Hard 6 – My Rambling Ideas for a Plot Follow

Juliette B Edwards | 10 February 2013 | 1 Comment   


In case you missed it, Bruce Willis recently did an interview with The One Show –it’s an early evening magazine-type show here in the UK- and said, rather coyly, that there would be a Die Hard 6.


Skip to around 1:35 if you don’t want all the chatter before and after.


This got me thinking. Obviously, there’s no guarantee that there will be a Die Hard 6, but since A Good Day to Die Hard is pretty much guaranteed to make a bazillion dollars no matter the quality, what would make a good story for the next instalment?

One very important fact hit me. I miss Al.


What I am about to propose is a very vague outline that may be filled with plot holes. I’ll try to back it up with reasoning and all that jazz. For any executives reading this (hey, it could happen!) I give you this idea completely free of charge. Although, if you’re feeling generous, I’d love to meet Bruce Willis.

Die Hard 6: Die Hardest (working title)

John and Al take their sons Jack and Al Jr (played by Aldis Hodge) out for some father son bonding (baseball, football, hiking etc.)
Al’s wife was pregnant in the original Die Hard. We never got to meet the kid, and he’d be about 23/24 now. Aldis Hodge is 26-ish. If you want to bring some new blood into the franchise, we should keep it in the family. Also: Fun Fact – Aldis and his brother Edwin were the two boys in Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Can you see the family resemblance?

Can you see the family resemblance?

It has to be Christmas, Thanksgiving, or some other important holiday.
One of the main reasons for it being a holiday, which they sidestepped nicely in 3 but not in 4, is that around that time the police presence is lower and less enthusiastic than it would be on a Tuesday.  

During or shortly after the activities, baddies strike!
This could be in the form of the stadium being taken over (obviously it would need to be a non-major league game), the cabin they’re staying in getting surrounded by a militia, the casino in Vegas getting robbed. Use your imagination.

The baddies are led by someone imposing but not physically so.
All the best bad guys have had lackies that were scarier than them. Think Charles Dance with Jason Momoa as this generation’s Karl.


In the chaos, John and Al get separated from Jack and Al Jr.
This gives you two experienced people –the McClanes- paired up with two unexperienced people –the Powells- and while Al’s sort of been through this before, Al Jr never has.

With no way to communicate with the others, each pair will have to figure out what is going on at the same time as trying not to die.
The odds need to be stacked against them, as in the first film, in order for it to be believable, because at this point John McClane is basically a superhero.

Eventually, after one pair has figured out half the plot and the other pair knows the rest, they meet up for the final battle.
This will be the point when the outside police get in the way, as always.


This part is hard to type. But. Someone has to die.
The main characters in every Die Hard film has lived to see the end. (I’m assuming in the case of DH5) If you want to shake it up, the best way to do it is to kill one of the good guys. I’m loath to choose who it should be. If you’re having trouble yourselves, Die Hard producers, call Joss Whedon. He’s good at that part.

The grand finale must involve a lot of explosions.
Explosions all over the place, while awesome, tend to take away the spectacle of the thing. Save up the C4 and use it all at once.


And one final thing; this you can feel free to ignore, but I personally love the idea.

Have this as the theme tune:

I assume there will be a 5th verse by the time Die Hardest comes around.


So that’s my idea. What do you want to see in Die Hard 6; or do you even want to see it?