MacGyver is Kinda-Sorta Back and Maybe Even More So Soon [Video]

Juliette B Edwards | 02 February 2013 | 0 Comments   


This is a whole mess of weirdness. Richard Dean Anderson being MacGyver for a Mercedes advert is one thing, but when the television advert itself looks like someone photoshopped RDA in, and they encourage you to visit the website for the full ‘episodes’ – well I don’t know about you, but I went!

There he is. Right there. Richard Dean Anderson, aka Colonel Jack O’Neill (he’ll always be Colonel to me, get over it) aka freakin’ MacGyver is doing a longwinded car advert that really doesn’t do anything to advertise the car (in fact it made me want the robot more than anything,) but does make us all wish MacGyver was back.

Well, we’re in luck! Apparently there is a planned MacGyver film in the works. According to IndieWire James Wan, director of Saw and Insidious, is on board already. In their words ‘It’s not clear if the 62-year-old Richard Dean Anderson will reprise his role (we don’t see that happening, but a supporting or cameo turn, sure)’ but I think, given the above ridiculousness, he just might. 


Does anyone else really want to see MacGyver and John McClane team up?