Grimm: The Bottle Imp – TV Review

Juliette B Edwards | 20 December 2012 | 0 Comments   


This episode was a good one. Poor Nick has a dream that Juliette remembers him. Renard gets a call from Adelind, who reveals she used her cat to poison Juliette, and Renard gets off the call to realise he’s typed her name over and over on his computer. Seems everyone has Ms Silverton on the brain.

Monroe is still watching the shop for Rosalee, but he accidentally mixes a potion for a patient wrong, and it doesn’t go well. One wrong ingredient is apparently the difference between fixing someone’s balance issues and turning them into a crazy person. Oops.

Speaking of Monroe, Nick is forced to reveal to Hank that it was the Blutbad who saved him from Stark the ogre. Hank finds the gun in Nick’s cabinet and makes the connection. When Hank vocalises that he owes Monroe his life, Nick tells him Monroe has saved the Grimm’s life a few times too.


And then there’s the case of the week. A Drag-Zorn, a very aggressive Wesen, seemingly kills a shopkeeper and goes on the run with his young daughter. The wife is found beaten at home. An amber alert is issued, forcing Bill and his daughter underground. Literally. He has a specifically designed home in the woods. After some investigation they track him down. Well, almost. They find the girl in the bunker, but the husband is gone. They take her into custody and she is placed with a foster family. The husband then shows up at the hospital where his wife is. Nick and Hank try to arrest him, only to be told the truth. It wasn’t Bill that killed that man or beat up wife Lily. Their daughter is going through the change early, turning sweet little April into a psychotic killing machine on a whim. Probably not great for the family she’s been left with.

When the father of that family tries to discipline April, she takes a chunk out of his arm. Nick and Hank turn up just as the family are running away. April is happily sitting on a swing with blood all over her face. Nick approaches carefully, but he needn’t worry as April announces that she likes him because he’s nice. They take April in, and Nick hands her over –somewhat uneasy- to a Drag-Zorn juvy officer, who promises to take care of her through her transition.

Monroe cures the guy he messed up. April is safe, as is everyone else from her. So all’s well that ends well, right? Well, almost. When Nick gets home he has a romantic moment with Juliette. They dance and kiss, but when Juliette looks at Nick, she sees Renard’s face. Ick.

Rating: 4/5 Raging Nerds