Matt Damon on a Jason Bourne/Aaron Cross Team-Up

Salieu Jallow | 16 December 2012 | 0 Comments   

Matt Damon, the star of the Bourne trilogy that influenced a sequel fourth film starring Jeremy Renner in an expanded world was interviewed by The Playlist on whether his Jason Bourne character could cross paths with Aaron Cross in future movies.

Anyone who’s seen the Bourne Legacy knows that Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is the next generation of what Jason Bourne is with the help of genetic alteration aided by pills.

Speaking on how and if there could ever be a Bourne/Cross collaboration, Damon said:

“I think it’s going to make it harder for us to make another one. I’m just trying to figure out like… Because they used our characters, anything that happens in that world, that’s the Bourne world now. So the pill popping and all that stuff happens. I don’t know what that story would be.  I love Jeremy and I’m a huge fan of him and I know him personally and love him outside of work, too. But I just don’t know what that story would be. I could never see Bourne teaming up with anyone. And all he said was — he wanted out, he wanted out, he wanted out. So how do you get that character going again?”

Speaking on a potential fourth movie, he went on to say

“Literally, we couldn’t figure out how to do it three years ago”