The Walking Dead: Made To Suffer – TV Review

Juliette B Edwards | 10 December 2012 | 0 Comments   

No! Nonononononono NO NO!

I realise my entire review cannot consist of me screaming ‘no’ at my computer screen, but I needed to get that out. The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale has me wishing it was February.

As usual there’ll be spoilers here, so if you haven’t seen it, you might want to step away and look at some kittens or something instead.

R.I.P Oscar. He didn’t add an awful lot to the storyline, but I took the time to learn his name, so he can have a send off too. I’m a little irritated with Michonne right now. She had a chance to kill The Governor and she messed it up. Andrea still needs a slap. Even after seeing The Governor’s creepy room, she believes his half arsed lies about why he has heads in jars and doesn’t run away with Michonne when she gets the chance. When things come to a head later on, it might be too late. Even though Michonne didn’t manage to kill The Governor, she did stab him in the eye with a piece of glass and kill his zombie kid. Maggie and Glen have a romantic moment. Well, as romantic as you can get when you’re locked against your will in a basement after being tortured. They then try a bold escape, using the bones of a dead Walker as weapons. It almost works.

One good thing came from this episode – we got Maggie and Glen back. They’re not dead, and Glen is only a little bit severely injured. Carl is doing a lot of growing up and when a new group arrive at the prison, through a massive whole in the building that nobody has mentioned at all during their stay, he saves them before doing the responsible thing and basically putting them in quarantine until further notice. I’ve heard that Tyrese is an important character in the comics, so hopefully he (and maybe his group) will last a little longer than Oscar did. Rick has a few seconds of losing his mind during the breakout. He sees Shane, looking a little Wolverine-ish, and has to shoot him. Turns out it was just some guy with a gun. Using that in the advert for this episode was a great way to mess with our heads.

Then comes the bad. After Rick and co. break into Woodbury, get Maggie and Glen, and get out again, The Governor is left looking like a bit of a dick. He does something you’d expect a conniving little fuck like him to do – he blames Merle. He tells the town that Merle let them in because Daryl is his brother. He then has a bound Daryl brought in. Daryl sees Merle. Merle sees Daryl. Andrea sees Daryl. Daryl sees Andrea. We see a blank screen.

Can it be February now?


Rating: 4.5/5