Bill Murray Signs Up For Ghostbusters 3! (Not Really)

Juliette B Edwards | 05 December 2012 | 4 Comments   

Ok, so this is news that’s not really news, but it’s funny so we’re going to run it.

Parody news source has ‘reported’ that Bill Murray signed up for Ghostbusters 3. Various news websites then went on to report this as truth, completely disregarding the fact that the site is called Super Official News (c’mon, really?) and that one of the characters interviewed was a 26-year-old called Kaiser Solzie. 

It’s amusing enough that online news sources picked this up without checking the source, but what tickles me most is this:


That’s from the Daily Mirror. A proper, printed news source with reporters who get paid to write this stuff. Tut tut, professional people.

Most online sources have since removed their articles (although the links still appear on Google) or have edited it to show that it’s more than likely a hoax.

But hey, you never know with Bill Murray! Maybe after seeing the excitement these articles generated, he’ll decide to do it after all. 

  • Sheens Korner

    That’s Kaiser Soze. Kaiser Solzie is a street musician who’s name is inspired by the character from the Usual Suspects named Keyser Söze.


    And, yes, he was at a Bill Murray party like the article suggests.


    • Juliette

      Very interesting; it’s a good thing for that website that they used real people. Hope that guy gets onto the Onion like he wants. Unfortunately the news itself was still fake. No Bill Murray for Ghostbusters 3.

  • William

    You think that this news is fake, well guess what, you thought wrong.

    • Juliette

      This has gone back and forth for so long, we might not know until Ghostbusters 3 actually opens. Right this minute though, Murray is a no-go. (Unless this is Mr. Murray I’m talking to right now, in which case, glad to have you aboard sir!)