The Walking Dead: Hounded – TV Review

Juliette B Edwards | 02 December 2012 | 0 Comments   

Axel and Oscar. Those are the names of the two prisoners. I figured I should start using them, since they don’t seem to be going anywhere for a while. Also, I needed to fill up some space for the preview, because my very first thought on this episode of The Walking Dead is spoilerific and will probably be in all caps. You have been warned.

Are we clear? Good.


Seriously woman! First Shane and now the Governor!? Do you have no character judging abilities? Are you honestly this stupid?! Ok, deep breath… For those of you who don’t know, I’m pissed off because Andrea decided it was a good idea to sleep with the Governor. The guy who kills people, keeps their heads and oozes creepy from every pore. Yes, I know she doesn’t know about the murder and stuff, but she can’t be missing the vibes here. Michonne saw it. There’s something really wrong with him. It’s not like he’s the only alpha male around, if she’s just gravitating towards protective figures. I don’t see why, since she can handle herself pretty well and even requests being put on the wall to protect the town. He gives her a little psychobabble about being ashamed to enjoy killing Walkers and apparently that, and a little scotch, is enough to make her clothes fall off. I’d like to think this puts her in a position to kill the Governor when the time comes, but goodness knows what’s going to happen between now and then. I think we can guarantee it won’t be good.

At the prison, Rick has answered the phone. An unidentified female voice tells him they are in a safe place. Rick asks if his group can join them, and the woman says she’ll have to call back. She hangs up, and Rick loses it a little bit more. He goes back to check on the group, including his two recently motherless kids, one of which had to shoot his own mother. Rick should probably be a little more concerned about that than he is, but I get that he’s grieving. He makes some excuses to go back to the phone. It rings again with a man speaking. He asks Rick how many people he’s killed. He asks about Lori and when Rick refuses to talk about it, he hangs up. My first inkling of what’s going on here came when Hershel showed up to talk to Rick.

In the woods, Merle and some expendable ‘soldiers’ are out hunting for Michonne. Apparently the Governor didn’t just let her go like he made out. He wants her dead. She quickly kills two of Merle’s guys, so it’s just him and a poor kid called Garguilo, who Merle decides to call Neil instead. Merle shoots Michonne in the leg but she escapes. He decides she’s as good as dead and wants to go back and tell the Governor that. ‘Neil’ disagrees, so Merle shoots him in the head. Considering his past dickishness I’m not surprised.

Michonne later comes across Maggie and Glen, who are out getting more supplies for the baby. She hides and watches them, but things go very wrong when Merle shows up. He seems happy to see them, and asks about Daryl. Glen doesn’t trust him and refuses to show the way to their camp. Merle drops his gun but Glen doesn’t. Not surprisingly Merle has another gun hidden and he manages to grab Maggie. With no other choice, Glen agrees to drive and Merle takes them back to Woodbury. Michonne watches as they leave. She next appears outside the gates of the prison, holding the basket of supplies that Maggie dropped. She’s covered in Walker blood, and that’s enough to disguise her from the undead.

Rick comes out to see what’s going on, but only after he finds out the voices on the phone are his dead friends and wife, comes back to the alive group, holds his baby and generally gets back to himself – you can tell he’s sane again because he had a wash. Meanwhile, the Governor takes five minutes out of his busy ‘sleeping with Andrea’ schedule (I’m wondering what happened to the brunette we saw in his bed the first episode Woodbury appeared) to take a report from Merle – Michonne is dead and he’s got Glen and Maggie in the basement. The Governor fails to mention any of this to Andrea when he goes back in. If she knew the whole story she probably would’ve stabbed him by now. Then again, considering how easily she brushed off the gladiator debacle, who knows.

Edit: I can’t believe I missed one of the most important things of this episode – Carol isn’t dead! Carl, Oscar and Daryl clear out some more of the prison while everyone’s off doing what they’re doing, and Daryl comes upon Carol’s knife, shortly followed by Carol herself. She’s weak and exhausted but she’s alive. Yay!

Rating: 4/5 Raging Nerds