The Walking Dead: Killer Within – TV Review

Juliette B Edwards | 19 November 2012 | 0 Comments   

More or less the companion piece to the previous episode, we spend a little time in Woodbury which is mostly more of Michonne being suspicious, Andrea being oblivious and Merle being, well, Merle.

The big story is happening back at the prison. Someone has opened the gates to let in the Walkers and restarted the generator, which sets off the sirens – basically a zombie dinner bell. If that wasn’t complicated enough, Lori goes into labour in the presence of two of the least qualified midwives in the group; Maggie and Carl. Hershel is hobbling on his crutch but is otherwise ok. When the sirens go off he gets to safety with Beth, while Carol goes with T-Dog to try and find Lori, Maggie and Carl, who end up in a boiler room. Rick, Daryl, Glen and the two prisoners they banished are busy taking care of the Walkers and trying to find the generator to shut it off. When they get there, the prisoner Rick locked out and left to die is revealed to be the one behind it and he tries to kill Rick. One of the other prisoners saves Rick life, proving to sceptical ex-sheriff Rick that convicts can be trusted.


Still with me? Deep breath, there’s more. 

T-Dog, who was only just developing a half decent personality, gets bitten and gives up the little bit of life he has left to help Carol escape. Since all that was found of her is her bandana there’s no guarantee it worked but I do hope she lives. Lori has complications during labour and tells Maggie she’ll have to perform a caesarean. This will kill Lori but all she cares about is that both her children live. The goodbye she shares with Carl is touching and sad, but I can’t help but think all that time could’ve been better used trying to get her to someone who can help. Either way, we end up with a dead Lori and one healthy baby girl. Knowing she’ll come back if she isn’t taken care of, Carl steps up and shoots Lori. I have a lot more sympathy for Carl this season. He’s far too young to have to do this. Maggie and Carl get back to the yard with the baby, but it’s clear to everyone that Lori didn’t make it. The group is heartbroken, especially Rick, and it shows.

A lot of unexpected death this episode. One of the things The Walking Dead does very well is pull the rug out from under us in very unexpected ways. Possibly three deaths in the space of one hour is a lot to process. Andrea has given Merle a map showing where the farm is. He’s just as good a tracker as Daryl, so it shouldn’t be too hard to him to find the group again. He takes this to The Governor who basically says no, but in a more we’ll see/ask your mother kind of fashion. If he does manage to catch up with them, will anyone in the group –Daryl included- be happy to see him? Given their recent losses, they may just be glad of another set of hands sorry hand.
Of course that is assuming The Governor doesn’t just tag along and murder everyone on sight.  


Rating: 4/5 Raging Nerds