Supernatural Top Fives: Bobby Singer

Juliette B Edwards | 20 August 2012 | 0 Comments   

Supernatural has become somewhat of a sore spot for me online. The UK is very far behind in the episodes and I’ve been spoiled one too many times, leading to me being forced to recluse myself from internet chatter. Having said that I still love the show.

So, here is what I’m doing to keep myself occupied. Top Fives of my favourite characters!

I’ll be avoiding Sam and Dean until the very last possible moment, because there’s so many moments that they’ll need a Top Ten or maybe even more.

Each of these Top Fives will be from Seasons 1-6 only.

First up is Bobby Singer. The grouchy, loveable, practical, reliable and a lot of other –able surrogate uncle to the Winchester boys, who took over fathering duties when John Winchester got himself dead (still waiting for JDM’s Daddy Winchester to make a comeback, by the way)
It was hard to whittle down a list to just five, so I hope you like my choices. If you think I missed something, please let me know in the comments and we can argue the merits one idjit to another.

5) Season 1, Episode 22 ‘Devil’s Trap’ – Meet Bobby.

It has to be here purely because it’s the first time we ever get to see him.


4) Season 5, Episode 15 ‘Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid’ – Bobby’s Wife.

A more dramatic side to Bobby, glimpsed at occasionally. We first met Bobby’s wife in the season 3 episode ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me.’


3) Season 6, Episode 4 ‘Weekend At Bobby’s’ – Selfish

I loved this episode. Bobby is a great character and that they gave him a whole episode to himself was brilliant. We didn’t even miss the Winchesters when they were gone (Jensen Ackles aka Dean was behind the camera in the director’s chair) but this moment is a stand-out. After all Bobby does for them, every single time they have a problem.
Bobby should have asked sooner, too. Pridefulness must run in the Hunter trade. (Also extra bonus of Rufus and the ring)


2) Season 4 Episode 1 ‘Lazarus Rising’ – Dean’s Return

This kind of sums up Dean and Bobby’s relationship, especially that one final splash of holy water – just to be sure.


1) Season 4, Episode 22 ‘Lucifer Rising’ – Bobby Tells Dean To Grow Up.

I must admit I have a soft spot for Bobby shouting at the boys. Sometimes they get too wrapped up in their own melodrama and it’s refreshing to have someone give them a verbal smack and get them back on topic.


Honourable mentions:

Season 3, Episode 16 ‘No Rest For The Wicked’: Ditchable prom date/Family don’t end with blood.

Season 6, Episode 16 ‘And Then There Were None’: Bobby kills Rufus, and the following grave scene.

Season 5, Episode 21 ‘Two Minutes To Midnight’: Bobby and Crowley kiss.