Rumour Mill: A ‘Venom’ Movie?

Salieu Jallow | 12 March 2012 | 0 Comments   

After the clustered mess that was Spiderman 3, studios are planning on making a film devoted to Venom. The director of Chronicle, Josh Trank, may spearhead the project, and if his successful film is anything to go by, then ‘Venom’ could pull off a surprise. Coincidentally, Trank was pencilled in to direct the Fantastic Four reboot, but at the moment it would appear people are more interested in seeing Venom on screen rather than the superhero family.

Poorly cast, and severely underused in the Spidey 3 film, redemption could come the way of the symbiotic character should to ever reach the big screen as a stand alone film.

It does make you wonder how exactly the film would turn out. Would it be an origins story whose appearance in Spiderman 3 gave no explanation to? Or would it be set after the events of the Spidey film and explain what happened to the symbiote and Eddie Brock? Would it be Eddie Brock in control of the symbiote, or another character? And would it even be tied to the Sam Raimi series, associate itself with ‘The Amazing Spiderman’, or set its own world completely separate from any of the two film series?

Should they recycle Eddie Brock, then Venom may not exactly be all bad. In comics, Venom under the control of Brock, has a very twisted sense of justice and has a personal set of morals but is very violent and deadly in his actions. Minus the psychopathic tendencies of course. So to see this played out on screen could be very intriguing.

If handled wrong, then it could turn out to be a disaster. But should it have a good script and cast a more convincing host, presumably the return of Eddie Brock, then it could be a great villainous film.