The Walking Dead ‘Triggerfinger’ – TV Review

Juliette B Edwards | 26 February 2012 | 0 Comments   

Every week I wonder how things can go any more wrong for Rick and the gang, and every week they prove things can get much worse before anything gets better.

Hershel, Rick and Glenn are trapped in the local bar when the friends of the two men they just killed show up. A shoot out follows in which gun shy Hershel shoots someone but leaves him alive enough to get his face eaten off by walkers. Clearly the man doesn’t follow the Malcolm Reynolds’ school of thought on mercy. They save one of the men who were shooting at them when his team leaves him behind; leg impaled on a fence. When they get back, Glenn freaks out with Maggie because he froze during the fire fight – afraid of dying and leaving Maggie alone. Someone needs to slap some sense into him, although this ‘first time in love’ stuff is still a little adorable. 

Elsewhere, Lori manages to not get eaten when walkers descend on her car wreck. Shane comes looking for her and lies to get her back to the farm – saying that Rick is back and safe. When she finds out she’s not best pleased, and Dale’s disapproving looks aren’t helping anyone. When Rick and the boys do get back with their stray, Shane and T-Dog who so far has done nothing interesting, protest his staying. Hershel doesn’t take kindly to Shane voicing his opinion after what happened at the barn. The ensuing argument has Shane questioning if he should have left with Andrea when he had the chance. I reckon they should still leave. Yes, Shane is a dick, but the rest of the group aren’t the slightest bit grateful of his efforts to save them. Shane and Andrea do have that Bonnie and Clyde vibe about them; they would do fine. 

On the other side of the farm, Daryl is still being a loner but Carol again shows her strong, competent side; playing Daryl’s anger and guilt perfectly with nothing but silence. He rants and raves about everything he hasn’t been saying while she looks on with defiant eyes. It works and he, however reluctantly, comes up to the house for dinner and team meetings. He storms off right after, but it’s a start. The growing relationship between the equally damaged Daryl and Carol is lovely, and as long as it stays a mother/son kind of feel, I’ll be happy. 

Lori turns all Lady Macbeth for the final scene – using Rick’s guilt at killing the living to protect his family and comparing it to Shane to make Rick think his best friend is a serious threat. It’s bad to want a pregnant woman to get eaten by zombies, but her deviousness here and refusal to take responsibility for her actions when Rick was ‘dead’ are making me dislike her more and more. The only ones I have any sympathy for in this situation are Carl and Rick, and by the look of next week’s preview, my sympathy for the latter may be about to run out.

Rating: 4/5 Raging Nerds