GISHWHES – The Results

Juliette B Edwards | 24 February 2012 | 0 Comments   

GISHWHES – Diary of a Minion

So, it’s over. The madness of the hunt, the torture of waiting. Team 374 didn’t win, and none of our team won the individual draw. That doesn’t matter… ok, it does. We really wanted to go to Rome– just like everyone else who played, but we had fun. We made new friends. We engaged in some truly mental activities and watched others do the same. How many times in your life will you see actor Jared Padalecki inundated with requests for an email titled ‘I’m Misha’s Bitch.’ ?? Or see a Christmas tree float away into the sky on helium filled balloons?

Here are some of the items Team 374 collected, and others that were made public. Enjoy, and ask yourself – Why wasn’t I involved? Then proceed to feel bad while you wait for next year’s ‘activity.’

There will no doubt be more goodies posted on the Website for you to peruse at your leisure. You can also follow @whatisgishwhes or @mishacollins for updates. In the mean time there’s a gallery below.

Oh, and in case you were wondering:

It was a great ride, and my sincerest thanks go to all on Team 374 for making the experience so much fun and keeping up the enthusiasm – even when we lost.


Next we run AMOK!