‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Second Full Length Trailer Released [Video]

Spider_Inferno | 07 February 2012 | 0 Comments   


It’s here! The latest full length The Amazing Spider-Man trailer!

Sony has also unveiled the second official trailer via YouTube for Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man and it looks better than the previous trailer. It even shows the Lizard who looks pretty cool.

That being said, as a hardcore Spider-Man fan I’m still not 100% convinced this will be a good movie. It feels like the concept behind the film is to tell an ‘untold’ story of Spider-Man. This is all find and dandy but changing key plot points like Spider-Mans costume is stupid. Am I the only one who thinks the new costume design is fucken ugly? And the Spider-Man symbol…? Yuck. Not to mention using the Lizard as the main bad guy. It’s a good idea on paper because he’s a very under used Spider-Man bad guy…but there’s a reason for that!

I guess only time will tell…in the mean time, enjoy the trailer!