Shaun of the Dead Gets Lego Makeover

Osman Ouchoka | 29 December 2011 | 16 Comments   


There seems to be a bit of a Lego theme happening here at NerdsRaging today.

Ever wondered what British horror/comedy Shaun of the Dead would look like made out of the little coloured bricks? Well it would seem that Flickr user Yatkuu did. In fact, Yatkuu wondered so much that he/she actually went out and made a full recreation of the Winchester Pub using everyone’s favourite childhood construction toy. As you do.

He/she also recreated the ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ fight scene as well as a version of the movie poster. All in Lego.

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually think the models are all kinds of cool. I’m just a bit bemused at the choice of movie. Shaun of the Dead was a great film and one of my favourites, but does it warrant a Lego makeover? Having said that, does anything warrant a Lego makeover? After seeing the Lego Hadron Collider anything is possible.