Creative Geek Inspired Foods

Spider_Inferno | 17 November 2011 | 0 Comments   


Check out some of the most creative geek inspired food creations around!

C3D Cookies: Put on your 3D glasses and enjoy these tasty treats.

Chocolate IPAD: Note to Apple…make the IPAD 3 edible

Kryptonite Candy: These candies look like they were made in a lab by Superman’s arch enemy Lex Luther.

JLA Super friends Cake:  I can just picture the JLA siting around their circular table in the hall of Justice, eating this cake

Call Of Duty Cake: Hopefully there’s not a grenade or a firearm baked into the cake.

Nintendo DS Cake: This looks too much like the real thing, I’d be afraid to eat it.

AT-AT Bacon Monster: This thing is a walking heart attack, I’m not even sure the boys over at Epic Meal Time would be able to eat the entire thing.

Star Wars Pizza’s Yoda / Darth Vader:  These are some awesomely creative pizza’s. Yoda looks like he’s about to cry knowing he’ll be eaten.

Android Cake: Does it taste better than the iPhone cake? Let the debate begin!

iPhone Icon Cupcakes: Inspired by Apple Icons, these cupcakes look delicious.

Harry Potter Benito: Pretty sure it would take at least a wizard to make that box of random shit taste good together.

Luke Skywalker Stuck  In Taun-Taun Cake: This is amazing, but probably the least appetizing thing I’ve ever seen.

Star Trek Egg’s: This is no joke! These limited edition Eggo’s sale for big bucks on Ebay. But I wouldn’t recommend eating them.

Minecraft Cake: Looks pixelicious.

Xbox 360 Cake: Hopefully Omar also got a real Xbox for his birthday.

Atari Cake

Star Wars Death Star Water Melon:  Fill it up with a bottle of vodka, break it out at your next bbq, and prepare to annihilate your space time.

Sponge Bob Sandwich: It looks too real to eat.

Super Mario Salad: This salad looks delicious, except for Mario’s face watching as you devour him.