Top 10 Best Cosplay Costumes at the 2011 NYCC

Spider_Inferno | 17 October 2011 | 2 Comments   

The 2011 New York Comic Convention is now over, but the photos taken of all the Cosplayers will lives on!

Over the weekend I must have seen tens of thousands of costumes, but only a few live on as the best of the best. Keep in mind my list is based on what I saw, I’m sure I missed thousands of Cosplayers, but here’s the best of what I ran into over the weekend.

Honorable Mention ”Horn Dog: Horney Wolf guy was hanging out all day long by the entrance. The costume itself is nothing special, but the fact the guy inside picked up a ton of ladies is an accomplished deserving at least a mention!

#10 Marty Mcfly ‘Back to the future: Not only did this Marty Mcfly look exactly like Michael Jay Fox, but his Mcfly impressions were spot on.


#9 Captain Jack Sparrow: I saw several Jack Sparrow’s but none that actually looked like Jack Sparrow himself…except for this guy. Not only is the costume and hair dead on, but his mannerisms were perfect.

8# Chicken Bobba Fett: Straight out of Family Guy, this Chicken Fett outfit is awesome!

#7 Wolverine (with Batman Cameo): Mainstream comic characters like Wolverine and Batman were everywhere. That is why this Wolverine deserves to be on the my list. He looks like a shorter version of Hugh Jackmen.

#6 3D Dot Game Heroes: So awesome…it’s like staring at outdated pixelated graphics…cooooool.

#5 Star Wars Bounty Hunters/ Twi’leks Jedi’s: There was lots of Star Wars Cosplay…and I mean lots…but these Cosplayers below stood out as the best. I love the different colored Bounty Hunter gear and the Twi’leks are oddly sexy.

#4 Whatever the hell this guy is: I have no idea what this guy is…a Mech of some sorts? Either way his costume is just plain awesome! If anyone knows what he’s supposed to be please share it with me.

#3 Mr.T: I pity the fool who crosses paths with MR.T! This guy is my hero…he really had me cracking up.

2# Predators: Did somebody steal these Predator costumes of the set of the next Predator movies…it sure looks like it. This Predator looks like he’s been eating too many human skulls.

#1 Bumblebee Transformers: This guy spent a thousand dollars mastering the costume. Everywhere he went people were buzzing about it. Celeberties even asked for a picture with him.  Hats off for a job well done.