More Awesome Superhero USB Flash Drives

Spider_Inferno | 07 June 2011 | 0 Comments   

Back in April I stumbled across some awesome superhero flash drives that resembled your favorite Marvel Superheroes. The creator of these drives Jeff Kuhnie, inserts either a 2GB or 4GB USB drive stick into the toy and sells them from his site here

The USB sticks are well made and well priced.  The newest Marvel 4GB drives sale for $31.95, while the old ones sale for $29.95.  The new sticks feature Cyclops, Dr Doom, The Thing, Venom, Wolverine and Daredevil. The old sticks include Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man. Jeff also offers three 2GB sticks, Bob-omb, Wolverine, and an Iron Man that sale for $24.95.

I spoke to Jeff about what inspired him to create these drives.

My inspiration behind the flash drives was to create something I would want myself. I am a huge comic head and had these figures from a vending machine. I had to figure out a way to incorporate the usb flash drive and the figure and I was able to do that,” said Jeff. “I had an etsy site already selling my “Monstoes” which are sock monsters for kids and started posting them up there. They started to take off but I knew I had to make my own site to sell them so I didn’t get in trouble with etsy legal dept.”

Jeff explained that his favorite superhero of all time is the Hulk. “I even have a hulk tattoo”. Jeff’s personal favorite drives are the Bob-omb drives (from Super Mario Bros fame). “Of the newest ones I have made, the venom one is tops. They did a great job making the details on that one.”

I asked Jeff if there’s any future plans for DC character flash drives. “I don’t have plans exactly to do DC drives in the near future, but if the vending toy company I get them from makes DC toys, I will be able to finally produce them. I’ve been working on making my own by painting them. I made a way to create the drives in a blank canvas sort of way and have thought about making a joker or batman…..but I really want to do a horror collection…Jason, Freddy, Capt Spaulding……that sort of thing.”

Jeff currently ships the drives all over the world, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Spain and the UK. Check out his site and be sure to buy one and help support Jeff so we can see that horror collection in the near future.