Marvel Releases ‘Fear Itself’ Trailer

Spider_Inferno | 31 March 2011 | 2 Comments   

On Tuesday I previewed Fear Itself and posted several cover art for the upcoming event. You can check it out here

Today Marvel unveiled a minute and thirty second long trailer for Fear Itself. The trailer plays as a motion comic and does a fine job of hyping the event. The storyline is a bit vague, as Marvel always does a fine job of keeping spoilers from leaking. From what we’ve read “Fear Itself” will have Captain America, Thor, Iron man, the X-Men and Spider-Man battle their greatest fears, sent against them by the god of Fear itself.




The Fear Itself miniseries launches April 27.

Marvel has also announced a free digital-only tie-in to for the event entitled ‘Fear Itself: The Worthy. It will be an eight-part miniseries that will be released weekly for the Marvel Comics App, Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and Marvel Comics on Chrome. The series will be the work of various, yet-to-be-announced creative teams. It will introduce the minions of the God of Fear known as ‘The Worthy’.